Supervision for schools and safeguarding staff

With over 30 years experience of supporting front line staff working with challenging families, we understand the importance of providing the right support to staff. Supervision is a key element of that support, providing a dedicated space to reflect upon their role and case work.

In a review of early help services in England, Ofsted found“Overall, there were significant weakness in the quality and focus of supervision and management oversight of early help cases.”

Supervision sessionWe have developed our casework supervision model to provide this vital support to staff in schools, children’s centres and nurseries. SHS casework supervision improves the quality of work carried out by front line staff leading to improved outcomes for pupils, their families and schools.

Francesca Paliotta, Parent Support Advisor at Five Elms Primary School:

“I have found external supervision with SHS invaluable. Personally, it has helped me address issues and progress. I feel lighter and it encourages my reflective practice”

Annika Hughes, Multi Agency Link Officer (MALO) at Westcourt Primary & Nursery School:

“It is a very useful tool/component to my job role in School Welfare, where I am able to discuss how I am feeling, and workload/cases I am dealing with. I know if I have had a rough day that I have x time until my next supervision. Last week, following a pretty hard going few days, it was great to be able to pick up the phone and have some time to talk and piece myself back together. Just by talking to someone who is detached from the situation, who can give another perspective, can make a big difference. I now look forward to my monthly supervision meetings.”


Why is casework supervision important
Dedicated time for supervisees to reflect upon their role and case work
Develop understanding and skills within the supervisee’s professional practice
Receive another professional perspective on case work and share good practice
Create space to explore and express the personal emotions brought up by the work
Planning and using personal and professional resources effectively
Keep up to date with professional developments and policies

We also provide group supervision which gives the opportunity for teams to get together and review cases, share best practice and learn from each other.

If you are not sure how best to support your staff, we can also carry out an analysis of your internal processes and skills, providing you with a report outlining recommendations to ensure that your staff can work as effectively as possible.

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