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Ahmet’s story

Ahmet’s experience with education had already faced major disruption; having been in 3 mainstream schools already, his family took him abroad to continue his education. When the family returned home, Ahmet was still struggling to settle into the mainstream school.

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Elizabeth’s story

Facing a recent bereavement and bullying at school, Elizabeth’s attendance was at just 5.5%. She was at risk of missing out on her education entirely. Daily support from our practitioner became the reliable constant Elizabeth needed to build her confidence back up.

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Hayden’s story

11 year old Hayden was referred to School-Home Support Practitioner Gemma after his dad died by suicide when he was sentenced to time in prison. The family were also living in unsuitable housing, making it very difficult for Hayden to engage in school.

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Mina and Neha’s story

Mina is 4 years old and was referred to School-Home Support because she was persistently absent from school, often due to illness. Her attendance was just 63%. School-Home Support practitioner Ellen had the time to get to know Mina’s family and her older sister Neha, and understand the challenges they were facing at home, so that she could offer the support they needed to get Mina and Neha back into school, ready to learn.

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Macey’s story

Macey is young carer. Like many young people with caring responsibilities, the pressures at home we’re having a serious impact on her school attendance.

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Over the last year, we have reached more children and families than previously and supported many more families with complex problems. New services have been developed to ensure disadvantaged children and families can benefit from our expertise in different ways.