Ahmet’s story

Ahmet’s experience with education had already faced major disruption; having been in 3 mainstream schools already, his family took him abroad to continue his education. When the family returned home, Ahmet was still struggling to settle into the mainstream school. Ahmet has ADHD and other social, emotional and mental health needs, meaning he often feels disengaged, misunderstood, and struggles to regulate his emotions with the expectations of mainstream school settings. As a result, Ahmet was referred to a Pupil Referral Unit (school) which is partnered with School-Home Support.
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What was the situation?

In the beginning, Ahmet’s behaviour had worsened, displaying persistently disruptive behaviour in the classroom, and he was often removed from classes because of this. His relationships with teachers had intensified, as well as his parents, who began to lose trust with the school and stopped engaging with them altogether, which only exacerbated the issue. Maintaining relationships with friends was also difficult, Ahmet was battling with social isolation and nobody to turn to. Subsequently, his attendance was hugely problematic, reaching levels as low as 0% that ultimately left his parents at risk of being fined.

How did School-Home Support help?

Ahmet was referred for specialised support to School-Home Support Practitioner Lizzy, who began to work closely with him and helped him settle into school. Lizzy met with Ahmet and his parents to look beyond the classroom and understand the issues at home, allowing her to reach a balanced perspective and understanding of what kind of support was needed. It became clear to Lizzy that Ahmet often felt displaced and uncomfortable whenever entering a new environment, and with all the school moves and long distance travelling, Ahmet never really had a chance to settle. His parents wanted the best for him and his education, however Ahmet has specific needs that needed addressing, having been registered on the SEND list due to Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH) and ADHD. It was clear his parents had recognised this, but they felt unequipped in accessing the right support for their son. 

Lizzy then supported Ahmet and his family in a meeting with the Pupil Referral Unit, helping to reassure that support was there but also to help bridge the gap between Ahmet’s parents and the school. Lizzy worked with all parties to help to reset the relationship with the school, she walked him around the school, introducing him to the different departments, making him feel truly welcomed. Lizzy conducts one-to-one sessions with him on a weekly basis to check in, and air out any concerns. The door is always open, so Ahmet feels comfortable coming to see her at any point during the day.

Lizzy also supported Ahmet through encouraging him to express his interests at school. Ahmet now plays football at break and lunch and has managed to gain good friendships through this. Ahmet was also provided with practical support, and received a bike through School-Home Support, to help him get to school. His Mum was extremely happy and thankful, as Ahmet had always wanted a bike. The support of the gifted bike made Ahmet feel more welcomed, and encouraged to attend school.

As a result of Lizzy’s support, Ahmet’s confidence and overall attendance is improving, having now reached a baseline of 97% he is attending school everyday. We are grateful to have seen a huge turnaround in Ahmet’s engagement with school, and as a reward for his improvement and act of encouragement, Lizzy has arranged a trip for him to go to the London Dungeons.