The school attendance rates are still at crisis level and urgent action is needed to help more families to tackle the underlying causes of high absence 


22 March 2024



The Department for Education has published the latest official national statistics regarding pupil absence for the academic year 2022/23 revealing that school absence rates remain at crisis levels.

  • 1.57 million children were persistently absent in 2022/23
  • This equates to 21.2% of pupils, more than double than pre-pandemic levels when overall attendance was at 10.9% (2028/2019)


According to the Center for Social Justice, term on term data suggests that things are getting worse not better  “these record high figures for severe absence – with persistent absence back on the increase – confirm our worst fears that absence from school is becoming entrenched”

It’s crucial to recognise that the Government must invest more to deliver on its ambition for a support first, family centred approach to tackling absence.  In order to turn the school attendance crisis around, investment in more support for families in and around schools is needed to tackle the root causes of absence. £90.2 million would provide 2,200 whole family support practitioners to tackle root causes of absence in areas of high need.


Commenting on the national statistics on pupil absence for the academic year 2022/23 School-Home Support CEO Jaine Stannard said: 

“The School absence crisis will hold this country back for generations to come if we don’t act urgently to help families tackle the underlying causes of high absence so children can get back to school. The Government must do more to deliver on its ambition for a support first, family centred approach to tackling absence.

School Home Support is helping by working to provide whole family attendance support to more children and families by expanding its national service of practitioners and supporting schools to embed the School -Home Support model in their work.

We are committed to providing holistic, tailored support to every member of the family, recognising that a child’s educational success is intimately linked to their family’s wellbeing. We will continue working tirelessly to ensure that every child has the support they need to thrive in school and beyond.

When children are in school they not only have the chance to flourish but also they are safe and free from harm. Every day a child misses school, is a day too many.”



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