Media engagement success stories: Our work with the press

31 October 2023
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This year, our engagement with both national and local media has proven to be very advantageous for our organisation. Through these collaborations, we have successfully built new connections that have resulted in impactful media coverage highlighting the work of School-Home Support, our dedicated practitioners, and the families we serve.

These strategic media engagement activities have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the attendance crisis in schools across the country. Our ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ campaign received substantial media attention, including a feature by Poppy Wood in The i, coverage by Ed Dorrell in The Independent, and an opinion piece authored by Jaine Stannard, our CEO, in Schools Week.

We have cultivated close working relationships with key figures in the media landscape. Our collaboration with Sally Weale, the Education Correspondent at The Guardian, and our engagement with producers and journalists from Sky News have been particularly successful. These interactions have allowed us to have a lasting impact on the media narrative about persistent absence and the importance of keeping children in schools ready to learn.

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