Increasing our reach in Bradford as part of the SAFE Taskforce

From January 2023 we are delighted to be working with Bradford SAFE Taskforce delivering 10 new school-based Practitioners in selected Bradford secondary schools.

A photo of Bradford city centre.

We are delighted to announce that following a proposal by School-Home Support to Bradford SAFE (Support, Attend, Fulfil and Exceed) Taskforce, funded by the Department for Education (DfE), we have been successful with securing funding for 10 new School-Home Support Practitioners to work across Bradford for a year – with the potential to extend this work by an additional 18 months subject to a one year review.

This will greatly increase our capacity to deliver our services in Bradford, meaning we can reach many more children and families that would benefit from our support.


What is the Bradford SAFE Taskforce?

The Taskforce, comprising around 15 locally based mainstream secondary schools in Bradford, will use funding provided by the DfE to invest in and commission school focused interventions to reduce involvement in serious violence, improve attendance at school, improve behaviour in school and within the community and improve social and emotional regulation and well-being. School-Home Support will provide one of these interventions focussing on improving attendance.

Our practitioners will work across a number of schools in Bradford including, but not limited to, the Exceed Academies Trust. The Trust has been selected by the DfE as one of 10 education providers located across the country to establish a SAFE Taskforce in order to tackle serious violence by re-engaging young people in education through the commissioning of effective interventions.


How will we support the delivery of the Bradford SAFE taskforce?

How will we support the delivery of the Bradford SAFE taskforce?

Our Practitioners work with vulnerable children, young people and families to improve attendance, maximise educational opportunities and improve life chances.

Our practitioners achieve this by:

  • Building a bridge between school and home
  • Identifying and tackling barriers to learning with the whole family
  • Developing independence and resilience
  • Early identification of potential safeguarding risks and issues
  • Providing advice, advocacy and support for individuals
  • Building capacity in other organisations
  • Reporting, sharing information, cooperating and assisting in Child Protection enquiries


Thanks largely to our long standing partners Provident Financial Group and MariaMarina Foundation we already have an established team in Bradford. We have great insight into the challenges faced in the city and have forged strong partnerships with other organisations, which will allow us to hit the ground running.

“School-Home Support has contributed massively to improving our attendance. Their service offers another layer of support to our extremely vulnerable families.”

Andy Hirst

Vice Principal at Tong Leadership Academy

‘One In A Million has been working with School Home Support for the last 4 years. The support provided by the SHS practitioner, to both the school and families has been invaluable. SHS has become an intrinsic part of the support which school provides to families.’

Paddy Gallagher

Deputy Vice Principal at One in A Million Free School