Our impact


We supported more individuals than ever before in 2020/21:


  • 6.6%average attendance increase over one year
  • 10%increase in likelihood of achieving Grade 5 GCSEs (and above)
  • 99%of families had two or more presenting issues
  • 50%increase in interactions with vulnerable families and children
"School-Home Support was an integral part of our town-wide inclusion strategy. It has been the difference between staying in school and being excluded for over a hundred young people."
Paul Turner, Assistant Director, Blackpool Council
"School-Home Support has contributed massively to our improvements around attendance. It also offers another layer of support for our extremely vulnerable families. Not only impacting on the academy, School-Home Support is also improving lives in the community."
Andrew Hirst, Vice Principal, Tong Academy

Support interactions per practitioner


Extra days in school over two years


  • 220%increase in safeguarding alerts received
  • 38%increase in the interventions delivered by practitioners
  • 15%growth in membership, sharing best practice and advice to education professionals across the country
“I did not know miracles could happen, our Practitioner did not give up on us! I was very low last year and now I am happy that things are changing. People have noticed that I’m less stressed and I can see my future now.”
“My School-Home Support Practitioner has helped me get through things I tend to struggle with. She has been very helpful with making me comfortable in new environments. When I am upset or triggered, she allows me to let out my frustrations.”