Our impact

Our impact


Impact in Schools

Number of individuals supported in 2017/18 (with an increase in complex cases requiring more intensive support)


  • 75%of the pupils we supported in 17/18 were based in England's highest poverty areas
  • 76%of persistent absentees improved their attendance (gaining 29 extra days in school, on average, per pupil per year)
  • 18%rise in the likelihood of achieving 5 A*-C grades at GCSE
  • 74%of parents became more engaged with their child's learning
"My son really struggled at school. He couldn’t cope with stuff. He caused havoc at home taking out all his anger on us. Before you came along I refused to get my son assessed for SEN needs. I felt so offended! As if there was something wrong with him! You have helped me see it differently and how it can help my son get proper support at school. […] Thank you!"
Deepak*, a parent supported by SHS
"We have had social services and other people involved with our family for years. Since working with SHS, all other people have no stopped working with us because we have changed so much. We don’t read and write very well and didn’t really push our six children to go to school every day. Now all our children have 100% attendance... Everyone like us should get help from SHS. Our children are more confident, stronger youngsters than they were a year ago."
Lee and Beta*, parents supported by SHS

Troubled Families Impact

Total number of children and families worked with


Average improvement in a family's wellbeing over 3 months


  • 50%Average improvement in a family's ability to keep their children safe
  • 70%Average improvement in a child's education and learning
  • 60%Average improvement in parents' progression to work
“Before I met ['Troubled Families' Senior Practitioner] Sam, the kids were out of control, I was always drinking, couldn’t handle them. I wasn’t getting them to school. I met Sam, everything’s had a complete and utter turnaround. Not drinking, going to the gym, finally got myself a part-time job, the kids are going to school. The boys have done brilliant.”
“I am so happy with my son now. I used to be very upset because of his behaviour at school but now I never get a bad call home. He is happy and making a lot of effort in school. You have helped keep us calm when our landlord made us homeless and fought with housing to keep us close to work and school. Your service is the best, we didn’t know there was this kind of help.”