Support for 'Troubled Families'

The ‘Troubled Families’ programme is a national initiative set up by the Government in 2012 to support families to have a better life, whilst also saving money by transforming services around the needs of the family.

The programme targets intervention at families with multiple problems, including crime, anti-social behaviour, mental ill health, domestic abuse and unemployment.

Working in partnership with SHS helped us to achieve evidenced and sustained outcome for our children and families.

Toby Kinder, Group Manager Early Intervention, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

We know that families on the programme really value the approach we take. When we asked just one of the families how the programme had improved their lives, they said: She was persistent, strong but not rude, felt a connection. Kept me on my toes, she was always there and available. Very professional, leaves no stone unturned, will make sure she does everything that she says she will doAnother described their practitioner as “invaluable”.

We believe this programme has transformed the lives of thousands of families. Most of all, the families have shown courage, dedication and commitment to change their lives for the better.

What does SHS do for families with complex needs?

Female practitioner and white_boy_10 years

SHS has developed an effective model of delivery based on our expertise of engaging families. We know that in order to transform the lives of families, we need to understand the root causes of their problems.

Our person-centred model builds on the strengths of families whilst also providing support for families to address their individual needs.

She worked with me, she believed in me, no one has ever given the same kind of time or dedication.

Jenny, mother of five

We provide joined-up support alongside community services and agencies, so that families get the specialised support they need, working hard not just to signpost families to other services but to actively support them to engage.

Our practitioners also have access to the SHS Welfare Fund which can help to provide additional financial support.

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