toolkit imageIn 2012 the Department for Education funded SHS to develop training and support for school staff and volunteers in their work with vulnerable families.

As part of the project we developed five toolkits, each of which provides six 90 minute training sessions. The toolkits are suitable for staff working in schools at all levels, with the activities divided up into basic and advanced, depending on the existing knowledge and expertise of the learners.

Download the toolkits below:

SHS Parental engagement toolkit

SHS Marginalised communities toolkit

SHS Early intervention toolkit

SHS Monitoring and evaluation toolkit

SHS Volunteers toolkit

If you would like to purchase the handouts and slides which accompany the Toolkits, there is a small charge of £9.99 for members or £14.99 for non-members. Signing up as an SHS Member is free, and only takes a couple of minutes. Please follow this link.

Please note that the Toolkits were written a few years ago, and therefore some of the media clips no longer work. This has been reflected in the price of the Toolkits. There are a wealth of other useful handouts.

If you would like to purchase the Toolkit please email the Membership Team at or call 020 7426 5036.