SHS Welfare Fund

SHS Welfare Fund

Many of the children and families we support live in poverty and struggle to buy essentials. The SHS Welfare Fund is a vital part of our toolkit for practitioners, giving them the means to provide the practical support that many families need to overcome barriers to education.

In addition to getting children and parents through challenging times, the Welfare Fund can also help them to build a trusting relationship with their practitioner and escape a cycle of negativity when they see that positive outcomes can happen for them.

Practitioners can apply to the fund on behalf of families for things like emergency food, school uniforms, travel costs and furniture.

The funds are kindly donated to SHS from our generous supporters and our practitioners can apply for grants on behalf of children and their families.

A grant from the Welfare Fund can make the difference between a child being in school, ready to learn, or missing school and falling behind in their education, with damaging consequences for their life prospects. A new bed or bedding means that child can get a good night’s sleep instead of arriving at school tired, late and unable to concentrate.

Here are some quotes from practitioners, children and parents on how the Welfare Fund has made a difference.

“After 2 years in a hostel, Bintou and her mum are finally in permanent accommodation. The SHS Welfare Fund has purchased a new bed, bedding and curtains for Bintou’s room – look how cosy and proud she is!”


“Thank you ever so much for my two boys bed frames. It has really helped, they both are so much more comfortable. We were in emergency accommodation for two years and the boys frames were in storage and both were broken so they had wobbly beds or were sleeping on the floor. We couldn’t afford to replace them. We really appreciate the help and support received during a very difficult time.”


“Sophie now has somewhere safe to keep her medical equipment and schoolbooks. She doesn’t have to worry about her little sister playing with and damaging her things anymore.”


“To be able to have this much continual support means so much to my family. It basically means that despite my disability, and the fact that I cannot go out to work to earn the money for my childrens basic school stuff, my kids still get to go to school in uniform and be the same as the other kids in the playground. I am very grateful for this.”


“Now that there are baby bouncers in the ESOL class, more parents can attend and improve their language skills. Twins Macy and Miracle loved them!”


“The grant is the entire reason Israa has been able to access education, she has been out of school for almost an entire calendar year with severe issues within housing and family life. She was without any uniform and unable to attend due to this, her father was in no position financially or physically to provide the uniform and without the Welfare Fund, Israa would literally be out of education for the foreseeable future, the grant has enabled her to access school again, work towards her GCSE’s and once again make progress towards her goals of college and university.”


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