Why support us?

We firmly believe that education is the key to social mobility – but educational inequality starts early and cannot be solved in the classroom alone.

Children with serious challenges at home such as poverty, hunger, homelessness or abuse, don’t go into the classroom on a level playing field with their peers. You can help us change that.

Since 1984, School-Home Support has been working with families to ensure children have the support they need to thrive and achieve at school. We work with the whole family to build resilience and ensure children’s education is prioritised.

In the UK today, approximately 4.5 million children live in poverty – many of them in households where at least one parent is employed. In the last nine years, there have increasing and widespread cuts to services for children and families who need help. We have seen schools struggle to afford and basic materials under increasingly restrictive budgets. In the context of increased pressure on housing where 130,000 children are now live in temporary housing.

School-Home Support services are needed to help combat the external challenges which are faced by families, schools and local services. We continue to get children in school and ready to learn using a whole-family approach. Ensuring disadvantaged children have the skills they need to lead secure adult lives is a priority. Our interventions make fundamental changes at the root of an issue with the whole family. Our main impact goals are to improve school attendance rates and build more resilient and self-reliant families.

Last year we provided direct support to over 9,700 individuals, transforming lives and creating an impact that lasts. We simply could not have changed the lives of so many children without you – our brilliant supporters.

We rely on voluntary donations to make a real difference in families, in schools, and in society. Whether you’re an individual looking to donate once or donate regularly, a business interested in developing a partnership with us, an inspired fundraiser, or someone keen to take part in a challenge event – your support will help vulnerable children make the most of their education and gain the basic skills they need to lead secure adult lives.

Read our School-Home Support Supporter’s Promise here.