Radio 4 Appeal

Radio 4 Appeal

Our appeal, presented by our Patron Lady Sophie Windsor, will be broadcast for the first time on Sunday 19 June, and open until midnight on Saturday 25 June.

Lady Sophie will be talking about our vital work supporting families so their children can make the most out of their education. She will be sharing Matthew’s story, a young person facing multiple complex issues at home, and who was only attending school one day per week before being referred to School-Home Support. His story shows the complexity of challenges some families face and the layers of bespoke help School-Home Support provides to get families back on their feet, and children back into school and ready to learn.

Families need our support now more than ever.

School-Home Support has practitioners across the country, but demand for our service has never been greater. There are still too many families we cannot reach. Schools and local authorities do what they can, but they don’t have the resources or expertise to provide the tailored support that so many families need.

School-Home Support practitioners, create a bridge between home and school, promoting engagement between parents and teachers.  By providing practical solutions to educational barriers, we develop relationships and resources which build family resilience for the future. Through our unique family support model, we increase attendance by 32 days on average per two years. 

At this time of great need, we can make a difference if we act now. We need your support to ensure that we are able to reach as many children as possible.

On average it costs £1000 to provide direct support to a family like Matthew’s for six months. By donating £40 you can fund a week’s worth of help to get a child back to school and ready to learn. The Bloomfield Trust, who fund our Special Education Needs work, will match the first £10,000 of your donations pound for pound.

Listen to the recording of our appeal here.

Donate via our website here.