Tax relief for your donations

All donations made by UK taxpayers are tax free. If you give through your payroll, the tax is payable to you, or if not, the tax can be payable to School-Home Support.

Gift aid
If you make your donation eligible for Gift Aid, SHS can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate.
Find out more and download a gift aid declaration.

Payroll giving
If your employer runs a payroll giving scheme, you can give straight from your salary or pension before tax is deducted from your income, making it a tax-efficient way to give.

The tax relief you get depends on the rate of tax you pay. To donate £1 to SHS, you pay:

  • 80p if you’re a basic rate taxpayer
  • 60p if you’re a higher rate taxpayer
  • 55p if you’re an additional rate taxpayer

Read more here.

Donating land, shares or property
If you choose to make a gift of land, shares of property to SHS, you do not pay tax on the donation. “Unfortunately we do not have the facility to accept donations of shares. However, if you would like to make a gift in this way, you can contact ShareGift. ShareGift is an independent registered charity that specialises in accepting donations of shares, regardless of their value. ShareGift then donates the arising funds to charities in the UK based on donor suggestion. For more information about how they work please do refer to or email Do please remember to mention you are a supporter of School-Home Support if you chose to donate your shares in this way.