How philanthropy breaks down barriers to learning

We know that families face inumerable barriers that prevent children from accessing the education that can transform lives.

It can be as simple as a gift of a pair of school shoes that can make the difference to get children into school.

Donors unlock these barriers every day by providing financial support to get children into school and ready to learn; a right all children deserve.

Where your money goes

Our generous donors and partners fund essential services which support the running of SHS. To read more about the range of services your donation will fund, please click here, and to watch a short video of how our practitioners directly impact the lives of children, please see below. 


What our donors say

“I give regularly to School-Home Support because I know that it makes a direct difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable families in the UK.” – Laura


What our beneficiaries say (link to case studies page) or choose a couple of case studies to display on page with link to case studies bit

Your gift will change children’s lives, helping them to be in school and ready to learn

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