Case Study: Nomura

Case Study: Nomura

The Nomura Charitable Trust (NCT) partners with SHS to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged  primary school children in the London Borough of Southwark. The partnership has three key objectives:-

  • Improving children’s literacy levels and enjoyment of learning.
  • Promoting parental engagement with their child’s learning and participation within the school.
  • Providing practical and emotional support to children and their families when wider social issues mean they are unable to focus on education (e.g. poverty, housing, domestic violence, mental health, etc).

This year, SHS launched a pen-pal scheme with Nomura employees to help children supported by the project to improve their literacy skills and raise their employment aspirations. The pen-pal scheme has been a great success, with 45 Nomura employees each taking time out from their busy jobs to write a letter put a smile on a child’s face.


Jaine Stannard, Chief Executive at SHS, said: “The scheme has been a great way for Nomura to engage with pupils and inspire them to work hard at school. It’s also been wonderful to see the children, some of whom struggle with literacy skills, write pages and pages back to their friends at Nomura.”

Katie Horn, Community Affairs Analyst at Nomura, said: “This is a great initiative and a really easy way for our staff to get involved. The commitment is around 30 minutes three times a year and we have had a great response from volunteers. Ensuring micro-volunteering is impactful can be a challenge, but School-Home Support has found a way to ensure both volunteers and children benefit by devising a scheme that promote literacy.”

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