School-Home Support (SHS) Membership Services for Newham

Our expertise

Since 2013, School-Home Support (SHS) has been delivering:

– Intensive interventions to families across Newham under the Families First service, for which we have consistently received excellent feedback.

– The Foundations for Learning programme, (2014 – 2016), commissioned by Newham Council, which included City & Guilds accredited training for school staff working with families. In addition, a framework and toolkit were developed for school staff to identify and address the needs of children, young people and families.

It is highly likely that a member of your staff attended our Level 3 Certificate in Work with Parents training and as such you might be interested to know that we will be running our next cohort of Level 4 Award in Work with Parents in January 2018.

How we can help your school

Our aim is to work with children and families to make the most out of their educational opportunities and improve their life chances. To make this a reality, schools require staff with the skills to provide effective support to children and their families.

Following our extensive experience of working with children and families over the past 30 years, we developed SHS Membership to provide professional support to staff in schools across the country. It is free to sign up and members receive our monthly email bulletins and join the SHS Forum, where they can ask questions and share information with SHS practitioners and school staff.

There are several additional membership services available to help you meet your Early Help responsibilities including supervision, auditing services and workshops. You can read about these services in full below.

For further information on any SHS services please contact:

Claudia Gold
Head of Membership
020 7426 5034


School-Home Support (SHS) Membership Services

1. Parental Engagement Toolkit

In 2012 the Department for Education funded SHS to develop training and support for school staff and volunteers in their work with vulnerable families. As part of the project we developed five toolkits, each of which provides six 90 minute training sessions. The Parental Engagement Toolkit is suitable for staff working in schools at all levels, with the activities divided up into basic and advance Health City & Guilds ending on the existing knowledge and expertise of the learners. Please note that some of the media clips no longer work but there are a wealth of hand-outs available.


£9.99 £14.99

2. SHS Online Learning

SHS offers online learning modules on a variety of topics to support working with children and families. Please find the full list below:

  • Dignity & Respect
  • Domestic Abuse (Adults)
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Autism Awareness
  • Managing Your Money
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Child Protection Overview
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Neglect
  • Young People and Risky Behaviour
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Module 1 of 5 Integrated Working
  • Module 2 of 5 Common Assessment Framework
  • Module 3 of 5 Lead Professional
  • Module 4 of 5 Multi-Agency and TAC
  • Module 5 of 5 Information Sharing
  • Recording Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Job Search Skills
  • Basic ICT Skills
  • Introduction to e-learning


£395 for access for up to 5 staff members of your choosing (per annum)£495 for access for up to 5 staff members of your choosing (per annum)


3. Case File Audit

This includes an audit of the recording method and details within your school. You will be provided with a RAG rated audit outcome, with recommendations for any areas that require improvement.


£495 £595


4. Individual Supervision

“My supervisor helped me to make vital decisions last year, whilst supporting me with some difficult issues. Her direct, friendly and supportive nature was just what I needed.  I do hope that I will continue to receive the positive support from her.”

– Michelle Coombs, Learning Mentor, Highams Park School

Comprises of ten 1.5 hour sessions* per year for one member of staff. Provides a dedicated space for reflecting on case work and developing better understanding and skills of professional practice. Supervision also allows staff the space to explore emotions brought up by their work and to receive case direction


£1,695 per annum £1,995 per annum

5. Group Supervision

Comprises of ten 1.5 hour sessions for up to 5 staff. This is largely led by the needs of the group and can include case discussion and direction, identifying training needs, managing workloads, improving productivity, supporting changes, and managing stress levels. It is often an invaluable space to allow staff to come together and discuss issues that are often get lost in the everyday needs of their roles.


Inside M25

£1,995 per annum £2,395 per annum


6. Safeguarding Audit

This is an independent safeguarding audit which will include reviewing recording and case files, as well as a review of policies and discussions with the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Lead Governor for Safeguarding, along with other key staff. The audit has been designed to record a comprehensive list of issues and evidence, providing you with feedback on how well you are embedding safeguarding across your school. The final report will detail the evidence of how you meet your statutory responsibilities and provide you with a detailed review and action plan. This will include discussions with key staff and governors.


Inside M25

£1,795  £1,995 (for a one day case audit and follow up report. Additional days may be required for settings with a greater than average number of active cases.)


7. Accredited ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ Toolkit

Available nationally – Included in the toolkit is the Level 2 Award in Safeguarding (City & Guilds accredited) online course for up to 5 staff members; this is recommended particularly for your senior leadership team and designated safeguarding lead. Also included are a variety of policies and templates to enable you to comply with keeping children safe in education.

This Level 2 Online qualification will support learners to develop a knowledge and understanding of the ways in which young people may be vulnerable to harm, abuse or exploitation in the workplace and/or the learning environment. It will help the learner to understand the personal responsibilities required to keep young people safe, the role and responsibilities of different agencies, the legal context of safeguarding and the national guidelines for recognising and reporting situations where young people may be at risk of harm, abuse and exploitation.


£495 per annum £595 per annum


8. City & Guilds (C&G) Level 3 Working with Parents

“…helped me to learn and achieve beyond my original expectations. Your team at SHS have been amazing 
and I have felt fully supported and inspired by all of the members of staff I have had the delight to meet… thank you and all of your staff for your hard work and support during my learning journey.”

– Family Support Worker, Newham

This is the industry standard qualification for those working with families, with the overall responsibility of improving outcomes with attendance, attainment and behaviour for young people. The courses are designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills to enable them to work effectively with parents, helping them to understand their parenting role and to meet children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.  

This City & Guilds Level 3 qualification is available via a range of pathways, each extending further a learner’s depth of knowledge for Work with Parents and will suit you if you deliver frontline services to parents and carers in children’s centres, schools or other settings.

Launching nationwide in January 2018 – Online learning content for Foundation Unit 300 Work with Parents.

The qualification is either a Foundation Unit or an Award or a Certificate – what’s the difference?

Each unit in a qualification has a City & Guilds credit value, indicating how long it can take to complete.  

One City & Guilds credit is equivalent to 10 notional learning hours. This can include time-spent learning in a variety of ways, not necessarily being taught, but also by carrying out work-based tasks.

Foundation Unit

Worth C&G 6 credits

This represents 60 notional learning hours

Learners complete
1 classroom session

Worth C&G 12 credits.

This represents 120 notional learning hours

Learners complete
4 classroom sessions

Worth C&G 30 credits

This represents 300 notional learning hours

Learners attend
8 classroom sessions

What units can be covered within this pathway?

C&G unitUnit Title & LevelCredits
300Build and maintain relationships in work with parents6
Foundation unit pathway ends here.  Total6
Award pathway also includes:
304Effective communication with parents3
319Schools as organisations 3
Award pathway ends here.  Total12
Certificate pathway also includes:
301Work with parents to meet their children’s needs3
302Enable parents to develop ways of handling relationships and behaviour that contribute to everyday life with children3
303Enable parents to reflect on the influences in parenting and the parent-child relationship6
318Work in partnership with parents to engage them with their children’s learning and development in 6
Certificate pathway ends here.  Total30

How will learners gain the certificate?

The units and qualifications will be assessed by a learner portfolio of evidence. A range of different assessment methods are used, for example:

  • Direct observation of practice by an SHS assessor
  • Products of the learner’s own work and contributions they have made e.g. development of resources, planning reviews, minutes of meetings etc
  • Case studies, projects, assignments and reflective accounts of the learner’s work
  • Direct questioning assignments and / or professional discussion with an SHS assessor
  • Accreditation of prior experience/achievement/learning
  • Evidence must reflect the policies and procedures of the learner’s workplace, current legislation and the National Occupation Standards for Work with Parents.


Inside M25

Foundation Unit 300 £480£580
Award£880 £1,050


9. Workshops

These one day workshops, available nationally, are designed to increase awareness and provide practical tools to support staff across your school. The workshops are solution-focused and pick up on four important topics for schools. Current workshops available are: Introduction to Safeguarding, Maximising Parental Engagement, Increasing Attendance, Effectively Managing Transitions, and Ready for School (Early Years and Ready for Secondary School).

Introduction to Safeguarding

The learning aim of this workshop is to understand the concept and ways of safeguarding young people from harm, abuse and exploitation.  By the end of the workshop participants will know the legislation, policies and support in place to safeguard young people, in addition to knowing how to respond to safeguarding concerns and allegations.

Annual Refresher – Introduction to Safeguarding

Summarising the key messages from the Introduction to Safeguarding workshop, this Annual Refresher explores some case studies to refresh and embed best practice in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education Government guidance  .

Maximising Parental Engagement

The learning aim of this workshop is to explore leading good practice methods that underpin effective parental engagement.  By the end of the workshop participants will be able to identify and understand a range of strategies and tools that maximise parental engagement and lead to an enhanced understanding of the importance of the parent partnership model.

Increasing Attendance

The learning aim of this workshop is to evaluate current methods and explore new strategies to engage children and young people with low attendance.  By the end of the workshop participants will have a range of practical tools to improve whole-school and targeted attendance.

Effectively Managing Transitions

The learning aim of this workshop is to comprehend some of the key issues that many children, young people and their families face around transitions.  By the end of the workshop participants will build upon their bank of resources to help them utilise different strategies to be used at the different stages of the school transfer process.

Ready for School (Early Years)

The learning aim of this course is to understand how to effectively address concerns and the impact of transition on the whole family. To build confidence and knowledge on what ‘ready for school’ is and the statutory bodies that set down policy and procedure. This is a “train the trainer” course to enable attendees to run workshops for parents of children due to start school..

Ready for Secondary School

The learning aim of this course is for parents / carers to be more engaged with their child’s educational setting and to positively influence their child’s learning and attendance as a result. This is a “train the trainer” course to enable attendees to run workshops for parents of children due to start secondary school..


£995 per full day workshop (inside M25)£1,295 per full day workshop (inside M25)
£595 per half day workshop (inside M25) £695 per half day workshop (inside M25)


Please contact Claudia Gold on 020 7426 5034 if you have any questions.