Case studies

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    Carla's story

    31 May 2017

    Carla*, age 15, was regularly late for school and often missed school entirely. When she was first referred to me,...

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    Desreen's story

    3 May 2017

    Desreen and her five children are homeless and being temporarily housed in two roomed accommodation. Desreen’s eldest daughter, Monique (aged...

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    Jan's story

    3 Apr 2017

    Jan was one of the most withdrawn five year olds I have ever worked with. When I first met Jan,...

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    Patricia's story

    1 Mar 2017

    Patricia and her children share a small, one bedroom flat. Her son suffers from eczema which makes him itch in...

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    Lucy's story

    7 Feb 2017

    Lucy*, 14, had been absent from school for two years. She’d recently had major surgery on her ear and had...