World of Work Day for Teenagers at London Stock Exchange Group

World of Work Day for Teenagers at London Stock Exchange Group

News article from August 14, 2018

Working with our new UK charity partner, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), School-Home Support is all about adding value to the educational outcomes of disadvantaged young people. Earlier this month a group of 20 Year 10 students from a community secondary school in East London spent the day with 15 LSEG employees from the Group Programme Management Team.

The idea was to introduce students to careers in the city, build their aspirations and help them identify their personal qualities and skills. The day was brilliantly executed by a team of volunteers, and flawlessly planned and co-ordinated by Andrew Jarvis and Sarah Hepworth. The students spent time speaking to different members of the team about their journeys to employment and had the opportunity to discuss and review their CVs. Andrew and Sarah worked with them to develop a model of engagement where short punchy sessions retained students’ interest.

Three key themes were explored, and all discussions were led by students with input from volunteers from across the Group Programme Management Team. Taking a “school lesson plan” approach to the day meant it was a real success; each session flowed in a linear way so that students were able to understand how to start a career pathway in a business like LSEG and what their next steps might be as they enter their final year at secondary school.  Teenagers can be tricky to engage, so their view of the day speaks volumes about the energy and commitment that went into planning the day and the enthusiasm of the volunteers from Group Programme Management Team.

Young people dressed smartly take a group selfie at the London Stock Exchange 'World of Work day'

“This was so much better than I expected it to be.  I mean I was looking forward to it but I thought it would be boring and that people would be very serious.  Everyone made us feel welcomed and it felt like they wanted to spend time with us.” – Riyad aged 15


“I really enjoyed this morning, it was very interesting and I’ve learnt a lot about jobs in London Stock Exchange and how people have got to work there.   It was much more interesting than I thought, and I felt really welcomed. It was good we got to speak to lots of different types of people.”  – Sonali aged 15


“It was so good, I felt very special, the people were really really nice to us, we got to ask lots of questions, they treated us like adults and I learnt a lot.  This has really helped me to think about what I can do for myself over the summer. I’m so glad I was picked to come.”  – Maria aged 15


Teaching staff from the school accompanied the young people, and the Group Programme Management Team actively sought their feedback.  The model they developed will benefit from a few minor tweaks – mostly so that the students get a quick tour of the building at PSQ!

“A really fantastic morning, it was obvious that a lot of organisation and thought had gone into preparing the session with our young people.  We also really appreciated all the little touches, the welcome refreshments, the fact that all the students had a name badge, our school logo on the cube and screens as we walked in…this all helped our young people to feel welcomed and to understand the experience of work.  It’s worth specifically mentioning the demographic of volunteers, this is a very important issue for our young people and it was clear the team working with us had given that issue consideration. Sasha’s welcome speech really helped set the tone, her informal and friendly approach really helped our young people to feel relaxed.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers, especially to Andrew for looking after us all day.”  – teacher from the school

The value to LSEG staff in volunteering is also a key consideration in our partnership with School-Home Support (SHS). Volunteering is all about providing an opportunity for employees to give back, get involved and use their skills to support disadvantaged young people to achieve their potential. It’s clear the experience of getting involved with School-Home Support isn’t one sided:

Young women walk past the welcome sign at the London Stock Exchange 'World of Work day'

“The students were curious and well informed already on working life which made engaging with them very informative for myself as well as enjoyable.  Listening to their thoughts and ideas on future career life with such enthusiasm and passion was a great experience.” – Deepa Shah, Group Programme Management Team volunteer


“The session was just as beneficial as it was fulfilling as it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my journey to my current position and to always strive for a higher standard. I was able to offer clear, sound and practical advice to the students and it was a joy help them understand that people from different backgrounds also have the opportunity to work in the city and in blue-chip companies. I kept an open mind and managed to learn a few things from the students – especially how open minded they were about their career choices from a young age. Also, learning about my colleagues’ experiences and their journey to LSEG was equally inspiring. A personal sense of satisfaction from knowing that I have helped a number of students has pushed me to be open to the idea of volunteering as a mentor.”  – Jade Doherty, Group Management Team volunteer


“Our team certainly came away from the sessions motivated and energised. It was a real pleasure to give back in this way and I’m delighted we had the opportunity to get involved in such a hands-on way. The young people were great ambassadors for their school, we were all impressed with the standard of their engagement in the day we planned. It was a real pleasure to host young students at LSEG and inspiring to see such energy and passion in the room. I am looking forward to working with School-Home Support in future.”  – Sasha Jory, Group Head of Programme Management

School-Home Support breaks down barriers to learning, tackling issues at home that affect children’s school attendance, behaviour and engagement in learning. They work with young people and their families to ensure children have the support they need at home to succeed in school. If you’re interested in learning more about the charity and how you can get involved, please contact Emma Mortoo by email or phone 020 7426 5009.

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