Why become an SHS Champion?

Why become an SHS Champion?

News article from February 14, 2019

Last year School-Home Support (SHS) launched the SHS champions, a visionary community of donors who are dedicated to changing the lives of children and breaking down barriers to education.

Laura Montgomery, an SHS champion, shares why she joined the SHS champions:

“It is often hard to pick causes to support when there are so many to choose from but SHS was an easy choice for me.  

Living in London, I have seen first-hand the impact of poverty or challenging family situations on children and in particular on their schooling, resulting in them either being unable to attend at all or suffering at the hands of bullies because of their circumstances.  I have also seen how families can get stuck in a generational cycle, with parents struggling to get to grips with what’s required of them because of their own illiteracy or lack of understanding of the school system. There are many helping hands out there but they often lack continuity of care and so are not successful.  

SHS is able to provide exactly that steady continuous support to those children and parents who need it and I have heard many heartening stories of how valuable this relationship has been.  It’s the difference between a child dropping out of school and a child not just attending school but believing in themselves enough to work hard knowing they have a future.

I came across SHS through my family Foundation, which has been supporting SHS for a number of years now; I felt so confident and inspired about what they were doing that I wanted to support them personally too.  I have always believed that it just takes one person to change a child’s life around and from all that I have seen, the SHS practitioners are changing lives around every day so I am thrilled to be able to support them.“


Become an SHS Champion and you will get:

  • Opportunities to visit the schools where the heart of our work occurs.
  • Invitations to bespoke events to meet fellow Champions, senior team members and frontline staff delivering the change made possible with your donation.
  • Exclusive contacts at the charity and updates on the work you help to support.

If you would like to become an SHS Champion by giving a gift of £1,200 per annum for a minimum of three years, please contact Kit Damant, Fundraising assistant, by emailing kit.damant@shs.org.uk or calling 020 7426 5012.


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