Urgent appeal with HELLO! comes to a close with over £25,000 raised

Urgent appeal with HELLO! comes to a close with over £25,000 raised

News article from April 7, 2021

Our urgent appeal with HELLO! magazine has come to a close this week with over £25,000 raised. 

Thanks to HELLO! readers we are able to put School-Home Support Practitioners into schools to help some of the most vulnerable children in the country. 

Our Royal Patron, Lady Sophie Windsor, pioneered our partnership with HELLO! She said: “I’m so grateful to the readers of HELLO! who have supported Britain’s most vulnerable children through lockdown so generously and compassionately. HELLO!readers, such a kind and positive species, have realised a society that cares about its neediest children is the society they want to live in. They’ve invested their money, their heads and their hearts and I’m forever in their debt.”

Our Chief Executive, Jaine Stannard said: “A huge thank you to both HELLO! and Lady Sophie Windsor for helping to raise over £25,000. That’s enough to deploy a Practitioner in a school resulting in families being able to get the individual support that they need, and in turn enables children to focus on their education and reach their full potential. Absolutely incredible!”

How can you help?

The problems children have been facing have not disappeared now they are back at school. Families are still struggling to get by; and mental health across the entire country has taken a turn for the worst.

You can still donate to ensure we can continue to put  Practitioners into schools across the country.

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