Treasure hunts and playing lawyers at Signature Litigation: an aspiration day

Treasure hunts and playing lawyers at Signature Litigation: an aspiration day

News article from November 16, 2016

img_1047Signature Litigation, a law firm in the city, hosted their first aspiration session last week, welcoming a group of children and their parents from St Matthias Primary School in Hackney. Led by the firm’s Founding Partner, Graham Huntley, and Partner, Natalia Chumak, the group of 9-11 year olds heard all about life in the legal world. Senior members of the team shared their own stories, the children and parents heard about childhood ambitions, being part of the Signature ‘squad’ (their football team), and what it’s like to work in the team at the company.

KM, aged 10, said, “I really enjoyed the whole experience of learning how to be a loyal lawyer.”img_1077

The children then had a chance to explore the Signature offices through an exciting treasure hunt, searching high and low to find their clues. Led by Signature staff Helen, Matt and Claire, the children managed to locate all of their clues, including model cars, teddy bears and an Oscar-style trophy, all whilst chatting to the Signature team about their roles. Marvelled by the office settings, the children had a chance to play at being lawyers, looking at files and creating their own messages to be typed up in a flash by the office support team!

Ending the session on a high, the group enjoyed lunch chatting with more of the Signature team and learning more about what inspired them to become legal professionals.

img_20161114_104334325What people said:

CB, aged 10: “It was so inspirational and fun, I would recommend it!”


Fatima, mum to CB, aged 9: “I really enjoyed all the people we have met. We enjoyed finding out new things and I know certainly my daughter benefitted from this trip, so thank you so much”.


Collette Dorgu, our SHS Practitioner: We really had a good time. It was evident that Signature Litigation put a lot of thought into organising the day, for example the Treasure Hunt was engaging and kept the children involved”.


Helen Sadler, Office Manager, Signature Litigation:I am so glad it went well.  The children were all delightful as were the parents. It was our pleasure”.

Thank you to Helen, Graham and Natalia and all at Signature for all the thought and planning that went into making this aspirational session such a huge success. Top marks!

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