The impact of home life on vulnerable young people

The impact of home life on vulnerable young people

News article from November 19, 2019

Despite the gloomy weather, there was a sense of hope and optimism at our latest ‘See the Impact’ session in an alternative provision (AP) school in south-east London. We were delighted to welcome a wide range of supporters to this session, who learned how consistent support can have a truly transformative effect on young people with particularly difficult lives.

The support we provide at APs is categorised as ‘intensive’. It differs from the projects we run at mainstream secondary and primary schools as the challenges typically facing young people educated here are more serious and deeply-rooted.  Young people are often affiliated with gangs, they have been victims of serious assault, and have lived with high levels of stress and chaotic home lives. In this scenario, of course, education suffers and schools struggle to meet the needs of young people who require a level of intervention beyond what school can provide.

Lisa Miller, Principal of the AP centre, talked about the difference SHS support has made to young people and highlighted how SHS’ support to parents has made a significant impact on the pupils, school, and staff.

“I spend much less time trying to get hold of parents now – which means I can concentrate on other areas of the school. It’s wonderful having [SHS Practitioner] Joan. Since the project started, our attendance has radically improved which is fantastic.”  Lisa Miller, Principal 

Our practitioner Joan supports both parents and students at Arco. She spoke to ‘See the Impact’ attendees about her role engaging parents who have previously been unresponsive, or even hostile, towards school staff. The parents of students at Arco want the best for their children but due to their own negative school experiences or chaotic home lives, engagement in their child’s education is not seen as necessary or possible.

Joan is able to work with parents to identify and address barriers to learning at home, while simultaneously supporting and encouraging them to become more involved in their child’s education. For families who are often completely disenchanted with education, having someone who can provide a supportive link between their educational experience at home and at school is invaluable. 

“I thought it was very informative and clearly the need for the work SHS does is very compelling. Joan’s a star – it’s no doubt a very difficult job to tackle some of the deep-seated problems young people encounter.”  – Catherine Long, London Stock Exchange Group

An inspiring morning atSHS’ ‘See the Impact’ session atArco Academy. Great to see first-hand how donations fromHaberdasher’s and others are supporting young people to thrive in an amazing alternative provision setting.” – Jess Bond, Haberdashers Company representative for SHS.

SHS ‘See the Impact’ events run from 9-10am. Please get in touch with if you wish to learn more or express an interest in attending the next one.  

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