Supporting schools with safeguarding supervision

News article from January 22, 2018

The Canary Wharf Group has generously continued to provide funding to several schools working with School-Home Support (SHS). This money enables them to purchase SHS Membership services, which provide much-needed safeguarding support. George Green’s School on the Isle of Dogs has been funded to receive 10 group supervision sessions over the coming school year, so we spoke to their Head Teacher, Jill Baker, to find out how the sessions are progressing.

“Since starting in September, the group of staff have found it invaluable to work together, something they don’t usually have time to do in their day jobs. This is a group of staff who normally work with very challenging situations day in and day out, so this is a good chance for them to analyse and reflect on situations, as well as learn from each other.”

The Supervision sessions have enabled the group of staff to work together to develop a parental engagement strategy. Usually, school policies are developed top-down but these are the people that work with parents the most, so they have a good understanding of how this should work.

Feedback how shown that staff are engaged with the group particularly because SHS Supervisor, Justine, has a very approachable and supportive manner.

We would like to thank The Canary Wharf Group for providing funding for supporting George Green’s School with their safeguarding. Their support means more children and young people can be kept safe from harm.

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