SHS & The Bloomfield Trust - supporting young people with SEN

SHS & The Bloomfield Trust - supporting young people with SEN

News article from June 18, 2019

SHS in partnership with Bloomfield Trust – meeting the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Life is challenging for families who have children with special needs; it’s often densely populated with appointments around children’s needs.  Once you add additional complexities such as poverty, poor housing and education, it’s no wonder parents become overwhelmed.

We understand that support is needed to help all disadvantaged children achieve their potential.  For children with SEN, there are serious challenges and multiple issues for families to manage and prioritise including medical needs, benefits, housing and ensuring children get appropriate education. Together with the Bloomfield Trust, SHS has been able to develop a specialised project to help ensure the needs of children with Special Educational Needs in Haringey are met.  

The Bloomfield Trust has been instrumental in pioneering a new project with School-Home Support, providing parents and carers with expert support around children with Special Educational Needs. A new project, based in Markfield Centre in Haringey, targets vulnerable children and families and provides intensive practical support helping families with issues such as:-

  • Housing
  • Benefits
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Getting specialist help needed for children, including EHSCPs (Education, Health and Social Care Plans)

In the first six months, we are delighted the project has supported 15 families, including 38 children.  All of those supported have moved from needing intensive support, are in more secure situations and now requiring a much lower level of support.  With increased security and reduced anxiety families can more easily focus on their children’s education, resulting in improved parental engagement and calmer home lives.  The project has meant that children and young people with disabilities are much better enabled to make the most of the educational opportunities provided to them at Markfield.  

The Bloomfield trust aims to help SEN children and young adults to achieve their potential in education from preschool to secondary and to transition into independent lives as young adults. We are very excited to have started a working relationship with SHS who have impressed us with their can-do attitude, motivation and passion of practitioners. Together we can help children and young adults to achieve their goals and to lead fulfilling lives.” – Mandy and Martin Hellawell

We are delighted to be working with the Bloomfield Trust, and very much look forward to developing the work together.

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