SHS launches new forum as part of SHS Membership

News article from April 22, 2016

School-Home Support (SHS) launched SHS Membership last October and has been working since to make it as valuable as possible for its members. One new feature is the SHS forum.

A page from the forum, showing a discussion about asylum

One thing that was made obvious at the SHS Annual Staff Conference (details to follow) was the huge range and depth of expertise held by practitioners; it was clear that tapping into that expertise more effectively would be helpful for everyone. The new forum aims to do exactly that – members can post their challenges and successes, asking for help or sharing information. They can ask questions about problems they face, request clarification on their training (also part of SHS Membership), and seek tips and useful contacts for common issues. They can even (as in the example above) look for area-specific activities and events.

The forum features a private inbox for messaging one-to-one on more sensitive issues and posts can also be divided into categories such as safeguarding, asylum/refugee and attendance, so that information is easy to find. You can also bookmark posts for later reference – perfect if a post includes lots of helpful links, or if you do not have enough time to read the post in full. If certain forum members are experts in an area you are interested in, or if they often supply information that you end up using, then you can follow them for instant updates whenever they post.

The new forum looks to be an invaluable tool for everyone, and a way for busy members and practitioners alike to communicate via their phones and computers! We hope everyone enjoys the resource.

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