SHS in the Media: When should you make a house call?

SHS in the Media: When should you make a house call?

News article from November 7, 2017

SHS Safeguarding Manager, Daniel Jarrett, has written an article for Primary School Management magazine this week on making house calls. He begins:

“There are myriad reasons that could warrant the need for a home visit by school representatives and practitioners, and every school will respond to such concerns differently. There will usually be professionals with responsibility for different areas, such as an attendance lead, a pastoral lead or family support worker. Depending on the situation, conversations will need to be had as to which member of staff is most suited to undertake a particular home visit. Sometimes it might be a member of staff who’s had a previous working relationship with the family in question.

Some practitioners might arrange a series of home visits with families. One example might be to ensure that children are ready in the mornings and perhaps even walk them to school, thus establishing a routine that the family may later be able to take on themselves.”

You can read the full article on page 51 of the issue here:

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