SHS in the Media: 'Troubled Families' scheme practitioners say it has improved lives

News article from October 18, 2016


Jade Moulds, Communications and Marketing Officer, was interviewed for a piece in the Guardian on the latest ‘Troubled Families’ report. A quote from the article reads:

“Charities and researchers urged ministers to retain the positive elements of the programme in the wake of a devastating national evaluation published this week, which found that £1bn of investment in intensive work to improve the lives of chaotic families had failed to deliver evidence of significant impact.

Interventions developed under the programme whereby a single practitioner provided a regular and trusted source of support, advice and challenge to struggling families on a week-to-week basis had frequently delivered positive outcomes on a local level and were appreciated by the families themselves, they said.

“We have had fantastic outcomes and we think troubled families makes a genuine difference,” said Jade Moulds of the charity School Home Support (SHS), which has worked with more than 1,300 individuals on the programme since 2013. “But these are often not problems that are going to be turned around in six to nine months.”

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