SHS in the Media: tips for parents on Safer Internet Day

SHS in the Media: tips for parents on Safer Internet Day

News article from February 7, 2017

Deidre Bowen, our ‘Troubled Families’ Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Lead, has written a blog post for SSAT (the schools, students and teachers network), giving tips to parents on online safety for Safer Internet Day.

She begins:

“SHS is an education charity that helps children to be in school, ready to learn, when circumstances at home are challenging for them. We aim to empower parents, working together with them to resolve or support them through issues such as poor housing, domestic abuse, poverty and mental illness. Unsurprisingly, safeguarding issues frequently crop up.

While some protection concerns are directly associated with a particular environment (such as substance misuse in the home), some issues are helpful for all parents to learn about. Such as online safety. And while teachers will already be well up on much of what is to follow, this may help them to advise parents, as well as act as an aide memoire.

Online safety advice for parents

When SHS practitioners talk to parents about e-safety, the first thing they need to emphasise is the importance of a good, honest conversation. Talking openly with your child about the internet, and looking at it together, is vital. You can find out what sites they use, what their friends use, what they think about these sites and what they already know about privacy and safety. You can also agree on what’s appropriate for them and set boundaries together.”

You can read the full article here:

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