SHS in the Media: The families living in modern day slums

SHS in the Media: The families living in modern day slums

News article from November 7, 2017

SHS Schools Coordinator, Kim Steward, helped a mother and her children escape slum housing in London last year. She and the mother, Emadlina, were interviewed by BBC News about the story and the wider safeguarding implications of extremely poor housing. Safeguarding Manager, Daniel Jarrett, was also interviewed. It begins:

“Poor children are being crammed into slum-land bedsits, some of which are so risky that some families end up being referred to social services for help, charities say.

Whole families are living in single rooms in shared properties, where strangers are coming and going.

Some are renting from private landlords, while others – recently made homeless – are placed in temporary accommodation by local councils, trying to meet their obligations amid the housing crisis.

“Call it a slum, call it what you like,” says Kim Steward, an outreach worker with charity School-Home Support, “lots of families live like this and it’s not safe.”

The charity, which supports struggling families in London and south-east England, says it is increasingly having to step in to prevent families placed in risky housing from facing danger.”

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