SHS in the Media: Preparing students for secondary school

News article from October 14, 2016



Catrin Doe, Delivery Officer at SHS, has written for SSAT UK’s blog on preparing pupils for secondary school.

It begins:

“By the end of the month, parents will have shortlisted their secondary school choices and submitted them ready for next year’s intake. However, according to one in ten school leaders, over half of their children won’t have achieved adequate levels of ‘school readiness’ when they start in September.

This data comes from school leaders service The Key’s 2016 State of Education report. When asked to cite the most common reasons for children being unprepared for secondary school, over half of the school leaders surveyed agreed on lower than expected levels of reading, writing and numeracy. Other common reasons included lack of resilience/self-help (53%), lack of social skills (46%) and low self-esteem/confidence (47%).

Evidently, the concern is a serious one. But how can we improve these statistics?”

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