SHS in the Media: Families facing eviction this Christmas

SHS in the Media: Families facing eviction this Christmas

News article from November 30, 2017

Our outreach worker, Kim Steward, was featured in BBC London News yesterday lunchtime and evening. She took part in a segment on families facing eviction this Christmas, and highlighted the need for early intervention in order to prevent this from happening.

Two families told their stories as part of the programme. One focussed on a father – Michael – who spent 2 and a half hours each morning and evening getting his children to and from school and who had to wait in the local area for the time between, as he couldn’t afford to go back home and come out again. School-Home Support has been paying for this travel (£20 per day) out of the SHS Welfare Fund in order to keep the children in school – this support has been vital for the family. Now facing eviction and the prospect of overcrowded temporary accommodation or an even longer school commute, SHS and other organisations are fighting for the family to remain in their home.

If you saw us on the news and want to help, you can donate to the Welfare Fund today until noon 5th December and your donation will be matched

Before 7pm tonight (when the programme expires), you can watch the evening segment here:

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