SHS in the Media: Encouraging positive male role models

SHS in the Media: Encouraging positive male role models

News article from January 16, 2017

SHS Practitioner, Kim Jones, has written an article for Headteacher Update on her positive male role model workshops. She begins:

For many pupils, having a positive male role-model in their lives can make a big difference to outcomes. Kim Jones suggests hosting workshops to give your fathers a chance to engage with their children and the school.

I am a practitioner for education charity School-Home Support (SHS), and my role partially consists of building a bridge between home and school, making sure that family issues are resolved and parents are engaged with their children’s education. One way I have found to do this is through positive male role-model workshops.

While generally school workers try to engage mums before dads, as they are often more visible at the school gate and often more engaged in their children’s education, I go to dads first. Once you have a relationship with dad, the relationship with mum often follows naturally, and male relatives are surprised and pleased when they are greeted first; it doesn’t take much effort to learn their names and to which children they are related, to greet them and tell them about their child’s progress.

Once I have gotten to know the male relatives, I invite them to one of my workshops. In addition to working as an SHS practitioner, I also design and implement workshops for targeted young people and families in Croydon. So the following tips come from years of experience.”

You can read the full article here:

Kim also adapted the article for secondary schools. This has been published by Sec Ed magazine, here:

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