SHS in the media: digital poverty prevents home learning

SHS in the media: digital poverty prevents home learning

News article from June 2, 2020

While school closures were necessary to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown has hit disadvantaged poorer pupils the hardest.

One example of this is the home learning disadvantage gap, caused by digital poverty – which is when a family has no access to technology or the internet. With so many lessons and work being set online, these children are missing out almost entirely.

Kelly Rivers, a mother supported by SHS, spoke to the Guardian about how she copes with home education without a computer device or internet access. Our CEO, Jaine Stannard, also spoke about the learning gap widening and worsening during this time.

Read the Guardian article here.


We have been aware of this issue since the very start of lockdown and developed an innovative pilot project in collaboration with Raspberry Pi and The Bloomfield Trust. Find out more about the Children at *home*, ready to learn project here.

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