School-Home Support champions families’ feedback after User Voice Week

News article from March 17, 2022

In November 2021, School-Home Support piloted its first User Voice Week Consultation. We consulted with the young people and parents we work with, to capture their feedback and ensure their opinions are taken into account as we continue to develop and refine our services and support.

It was a great opportunity for some of our parents and young people to get involved in some of our new key strategic priorities for the year.

Over the course of the week, we spoke to 88 individuals in total (47 young people and 41 parents) based in a range of primary and secondary schools where we deliver our practitioner service across London, Medway, Eastbourne, Blackpool, Manchester and Bradford.

Parents and young people gave their feedback on what kind of additional support we can offer to families using our service, our Ambassador programme, our Practitioner Service, and long-term contact with families we work with.

Some highlights from our key findings have shown that of the secondary students we spoke to:

  • 100% felt that their relationship with their School-Home Support Practitioner has improved since they started working together
  • 100% would recommend the Practitioner service to others
  • 100% felt that their experience with School-Home Support has been positive

We also received an overwhelmingly positive response to our aim of recruiting Young Ambassadors with lived experience of the School-Home Support service. The majority of students were interested in sharing their story, and working with us to ensure that young people’s voices are at the centre of our work. 

Ketiwe Anjorin, Senior Project Manager said:

We have used the consultation to help build our strategic aims for the year, and look forward to reporting on the outcomes of the feedback as we continue to ensure that the voices and stories of the families and young people we work with are at the centre of our service.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in our User Voice Week. We really value your time and feedback. Over the next few months, we will be working on using this feedback to help us to: 

  • Improve our case study process and look into capturing more written and video testimonies from the families we support 
  • Plan aspiration workshops and careers sessions for our parents and young people with our corporate partners for academic year 2022/23 
  • Design and develop our pilot young ambassadors project which will be launching in September 2022
  • Explore additional support/services we can offer, including developing a bank of online resources which can be used to support families 
  • Update our marketing materials for our practitioner service 
  • Consider a process for longer term tracking of our young people and families 
  • Look at how we can increase the number of families we support through developing an ‘out of hours’ digital support method

We look forward to updating you on our progress later this year.” 

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