Raising awareness of radicalisation

News article from November 5, 2015

At SHS we continue to ensure we are fully aware of our Safeguarding responsibilities and we responded as soon as we could to the recent Governments Prevent Duty in respects of radicalisation. We worked closely with Victvs Ltd, who are the Home Office approved provider of Prevent Duty Awareness online training, and rolled out this training to all our staff showing our commitment to this duty.

We have formed a good partnership with Victvs Ltd and are looking forward to developing this relationship to provide the best support to the children, young people and families we work with.

Victvs Ltd wrote a blog about our response to the duty:

Since 1st July 2015, the government’s new Prevent Duty (to help prevent people from being drawn into terrorism) has applied to charitable organisations throughout the UK. Any organisation working with people who may be considered to be at risk of exposure to violent extremism or radicalisation must now work to raise their awareness of these issues and to fully understand how to respond if they have concerns.

Many charities, schools, healthcare providers and local authorities have already taken action to meet the new legal requirement.

School Home Support was one of the first charities in the UK to respond to the Prevent Duty.

As a well-established and busy charitable organisation, SHS has to operate within a complex array of professional standards. Following the introduction of the Prevent Duty, SHS recognised that they needed to fully understand the implications of the duty on their work, and to put in place measures to ensure that the organisation achieved compliance.

Raising awareness – building confidence.

One of the biggest hurdles facing any organisation affected by the Prevent Duty, is raising awareness of what the duty actually is, and how to respond if you have concerns. By working with SHS to introduce our Home Office approved Prevent Duty training throughout their entire workforce, we helped SHS to achieve these goals efficiently and effectively. With our learner progress reports and administrative support we were able to provide SHS with confirmation of every learner’s course completion – vital for inspection purposes.

In addition to raising organisational awareness, our Prevent Duty training courses are assessed (learners only receive their CPD accredited certificate once they score above 80% in the end of course quiz), demonstrating that topics have been understood and absorbed – critical for achieving compliance. The Department for Education, the Home Office and Ofsted, have all stated that compliance with the Prevent Duty is more than simply a box ticking exercise.

More than just an e-learning package

Following on from our Prevent Duty training courses, SHS now have access to our full range of resources and support services including Consolidation Sessions and learning resources. We are delighted to have provided SHS with an effective response to the Prevent Duty, and we are proud to be able to assist them in this aspect of their extremely valuable work. SHS’s readiness to respond to new legislation in a proactive and positive manner is a reflection of their attitude to their work, and is a testament to their enduring commitment to helping the vulnerable people that they work with.

Read more about Victvs Ltd at their website.


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