Raising aspirations with London Stock Exchange Group

Raising aspirations with London Stock Exchange Group

News article from March 14, 2018

Our partnership with London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) continues to develop. Februarywas all about “raising aspirations” as children and parents from two London schools (one primary and one secondary) spent mornings at LSEG’s London offices.

Many of the families that we support view employment in the City of London as a “world away” from their career aspirations. Immersing parents and children in LSEG’s offices for the morning helps bridge the gap, dispelling myths and challenging preconceptions about what it means to work in the City. Meeting LSEG staff exposes families to the wide range of roles that make up a business like LSEG, and helps parents and young people to see a career in the City as something attainable. Inspiring parents and helping them realise the potential opportunities for their children is really important.

“I’m really glad I came today, I didn’t know it was possible to work somewhere like this without a degree, we spoke to a lot of different people about their jobs. This was my first time in a big office, it’s been really good to learn about things, we will talk more about it at home now I know something.” – Mum of three children aged 15, 13 and 10


“Coming today has made me realise even more that he needs a Plan B, getting good results in Maths and English is really important. The opportunity to work somewhere like this has to be sought as making it big in football is really hard.” – Dad to Mason aged 10

Claudia, aged 12, one of the children who participated at PSQ said,“I felt like I worked here when we were walking round the offices. I was imagining I worked here and felt really proud of myself that I could do this when I’m older.”

Building confidence, networking skills, speaking to new people and making a good first impression are important. Children had the opportunity to hone these practical skills, and at the same time learn about different roles at LSEG, by conducting one to one interviews with staff.

“When we were talking to people I felt nervous at first, but then talking to them made me not nervous. Everyone was really nice and kind to us.Sadika, aged 13.


I felt really energetic being here, the tour was really good and not what I expected. I thought it would be boring but it was really interesting.Zac, aged 12.

Getting some input into the direction they might take was also important; children who may have more limited social networks had the chance to get some advice and guidance from LSEG staff.

“Today helped me with my career choices, when I talked to staff they told me to try couple of things. I feel more like I know what to do now.” Tayyab, aged 14.

School-Home Support Practitioner Marilyn Matthews agreed the visits were beneficial, the children and young people she supports include young carers and some children who have poor school attendance. She said:

Our pupils have come back really inspired.They all said the session was awesome and has inspired them to work hard to achieve their goals. They genuinely seemed to have made the connection that if you work hard and get good grades then you have more opportunities. They also said the employees were kind and they thought the building was massive.A big thank you to everyone who got involved.

Feedback from LSEG has been very positive:

“We had lots of interest. It’s great to see the word spreading across LSEG about our partnership with School-Home Support – children’s education is a cause close to my heart and I’m delighted to be involved.” – Nubi Oluwatosin, LSEG UK Charity Committee member.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved with School-Home Support (SHS) phone Emma Mortoo on 0207 426 5009 (she’d love to speak to you) or emailvolunteer@shs.org.uk.

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