School-Home Support is a Nomura charity of the year finalist!

School-Home Support is a Nomura charity of the year finalist!

News article from March 22, 2017

School-Home Support has made it through to the final three for Nomura’s charity of the year!

Together, Nomura and School-Home Support will:

  1. help children overcome barriers to education such as domestic abuse, housing and poor mental health
  2. create social mobility for poor children and their families
  3. ensure some of London’s most disadvantaged are in school, ready to learn

Voting for School-Home Support gives children brighter futures through education.

After witnessing years of domestic abuse between their parents, Cameron and Kodi went to live with their Nan, Jackie.  Jackie couldn’t cope. She was drinking heavily, the boys weren’t going to school and their behaviour was out of control.  

School-Home Support Practitioner, Sam, went to help the family. Fast forward just nine months – Cameron and Kodi are in school everyday, their behaviour is no longer a cause for concern and Jackie has not only stopped drinking but also got a part time job.

A vote for School-Home Support (SHS) is a vote for children like Cameron and Kodi. Give them the chance to be a future recruit – not another statistic.

Read our School Report to see how we can make a difference together:


Watch our video on The Nomura Schools Fund – the project we would start if we win:

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