Nomura: Helping parents into employment

Nomura: Helping parents into employment

News article from July 3, 2017

A group of Nomura volunteers had an early start this morning at English Martyrs Primary School. Having agreed to get involved in a workshop to help parents find employment, some of them had already been into their offices and made their way to the south London primary school when we began at 8.30am!

Employment Skills Workshops set up by School-Home Support aim to help parents get closer to the job market. For some, it’s about getting their first ever CV, while for others it’s help with interview skills that’s needed or support to draft a personal statement.    

School-Home Support (SHS) Practitioner, Hopieann Platt, is based at the school. Her role is funded by Nomura and, as a qualified teacher, she focuses on improving the literacy and numeracy attainment of disadvantaged children at the school.

It was all hands on deck for the event, beginning with a lively session which included Nomura staff working one-to-one with parents, followed by group work with a smaller number of parents who wanted specific help in preparing for interviews. For the parents supported, spending time with people who work in business was really valuable. The encouragement and practical support they received from Nomura volunteers was hugely appreciated.

“This has been a really good morning; I have received so much help and support and have got new knowledge, learning things I didn’t know before.”  – Mum of two children


“I had a great time this morning and found the session really enjoyable. It was a privilege to work with these parents and I’m delighted they found it valuable.  Please count me in for future sessions.”  – Duncan MacEntree-Creighton, Nomura


“I was pleased to be able to spend time with the parents and assist them with their CVs and personal statements. Initially, many of the parents felt they lacked relevant skills or experience but it became clear that they had a lot to offer and simply needed help putting pen to paper. With a bit of encouragement, we were able to draw on their personal experiences and ended up producing some compelling CVs and personal statements. I really enjoyed the session and found it rewarding to share my skillset with such an engaging group.”  – Nikkita Versani, Nomura


“Delighted to have been able to use my skills to help some wonderful parents this morning; this was all about providing some practical support and encouragement. I’d recommend this to colleagues.”  – Tina Philippou, Nomura 


“One of the most useful things I learned was how to use a personal statement at the start of my CV. This is something I’ve learnt today. I will be applying for jobs now.” – Mum of two children


“I will definitely tell other parents about this workshop, it was so helpful and I learnt so much. I wish we could have another one again soon with more volunteers.” – Mum of one child  


Volunteering activities, like the workshop this morning, undertaken by Nomura staff, are genuinely impactful, helping to raise aspirations, provide some needed practical support and, perhaps most importantly, give parents a real boost to their self-esteem and confidence. When parents move into paid work, it improves the situation for the whole family. It’s important work that helps to break generational cycles of poverty, educational inequality and unemployment.  

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