Loomis hosted a fantastic Aspiration Session for children we support in Newham

Loomis hosted a fantastic Aspiration Session for children we support in Newham

News article from November 14, 2022

Last month, year 6 pupils from one of our partner schools attended Loomis Sayles’ offices in the City of London to take part in an Aspiration Session. The children had the opportunity to see for themselves what the working world is like, raising aspirations for their future and having lots of fun along the way.

The students at West Ham Primary school were keen to hear from our volunteers and excited for a day out in the City. The day started with a logo guessing game, with the children challenged to predict which had succeeded, or not, in the midst of the pandemic. The children’s answers were spot on!

Felim, one of our corporate volunteers, commented “It was an absolute pleasure to meet with the children and I was hugely impressed by their confidence and enthusiasm. It fills me with confidence for the future!”

After a competitive morning session, the pupils ventured through the office, gaining full exposure to the range of different departments. They got to experience the view of the city from the balcony, where Loomis employees generally go for lunch and join each other for evening drinks. 

As we returned to the boardroom, we were joined by different departments and more volunteers who joined from Credit Research and the Trading team. The Loomis volunteers created a series of fun activities, whilst giving the students a realistic insight into wealth management, and how essential each individual role is in the company. 

The volunteers ranged from different levels, and enlightened us with their stories of how they got into their career path. The pupils asked lots of questions about each of their roles and backgrounds, learning all about the wider industry and the kinds of roles they might not take on in the future.

To round off a fantastic day, Chris Yiannakou, Managing Director, joined us to give us an overview of Loomis Sayles, and an inspiring message for all of our young attendees to not feel limited in what they can achieve. 

At the end of the day, the pupils shared what they had learnt:

I learnt 3 different techniques during this visit. The first one is learning to invest in a company. The second one is learning how to know if companies are good. The last one was learning to trade.”

“I learnt how it is important to invest in a variety of companies and learn how to make a decision about whether I should invest in a company if it’s going bankrupt or not.”

Thank you to everyone at Loomis Sayles for hosting a fantastic and inspirational Aspiration Session for our young people!

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