London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) teaches Year 6 pupils great leadership skills!

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) teaches Year 6 pupils great leadership skills!

News article from March 22, 2017

We love taking children and parents to the London Stock Exchange. Smart offices in Paternoster Square near St Paul’s, a chance to watch the people behind the creation of the FTSE 100 at work, and the whole experience of getting into the building, through security and past the glass entry panels, giving children a real sense of awe. In the words of one Year Six child, “This place is absolutely sick!” For those of you unfamiliar with the vernacular – this is a ringing endorsement.

School-Home Support partners with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) to raise the aspirations of local children and families. We target those families who might not get the opportunity to understand what it’s like to work in the city: it’s a chance to break down barriers to employment and help parents make the connection between their children doing well at school and future prospects.

This morning at LSEG we were in for a very special treat… As well as hearing from senior leaders in HR, children and parents got some on-the-spot leadership training! As we know, you’ve got to have great networking skills to get along on in your career, and where better to learn those than at LSEG? The HR team were hugely generous, and 13 staff gave up part of their morning to get interviewed by children and parents. They went over everything, from what makes a great handshake to interview skills, and children didn’t miss the chance to connect with staff when they asked, “What advice would you give to your 10 year old self?”

Finally there was a tour of the LSE building, which is always exciting as it includes the famous balcony where trading is opened each morning at 8am.

Thank you, LSEG – future leaders in the making with Year 6 children from Tufnell Park Primary School!

Charnae, aged ten: “This was really interesting, seeing the place was great and everything but I loved interviewing the staff. I wish I could have time to meet everyone who came this morning.”


Mahmud, aged 10: “I loved coming this morning, I’ve learnt lots of things and it was good when Lynne told us to concentrate on English and Maths if we want to get jobs here.”


Amal, aged 10: “It was so interesting, especially meeting everyone and talking to them, doing the interviews was really good.”

Dad of boy aged 11: “A great opportunity, I am really glad to be here with my son. We have learnt a lot and it’s been a great experience for us to talk about.”


Victoria Boyiadjis, HRIS Project & Operations Manager: “An extremely rewarding morning. The children were bright and interested. You could see their minds ticking over and understanding that they have choices in life and that set backs don’t mean it’s the end of the road.”

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