London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and School-Home Support (SHS) working in partnership

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and School-Home Support (SHS) working in partnership

News article from August 15, 2017

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and School-Home Support (SHS) partnership is grounded in our mutual concern for disadvantaged young people, and a belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential regardless of the barriers they face.

School-Home Support works with children and, critically, their parents to improve the educational outcomes of some of London’s most disadvantaged young people. Our work breaks down barriers to learning such as poverty, poor housing, domestic violence and poor mental health.

Working in partnership with London Stock Exchange Group enables us to provide new and exciting opportunities to raise the aspirations of vulnerable young people and their families. As well as providing important financial support for our work, LSEG staff get involved directly with the children and families we benefit. Aspiration sessions have been particularly successful at LSEG, with parents and children spending a morning at their offices and hearing from a wide range of staff, including graduate employees, those fresh out of school on apprenticeships, and senior employees. The kudos, excitement and sheer novelty of being able to see inside London Stock Exchange Group has boosted the morale and confidence of the most vulnerable families we support. In addition to raising aspirations, an understanding that life at home plays a major part in educational attainment is also shared by LSEG and SHS. Employees have been directly involved with families we support, volunteering on our Employment Skills Workshops which are geared towards helping unemployed parents get into work.

“London Stock Exchange Group is delighted to support School-Home Support through our charitable Foundation. The Foundation focuses on initiatives aimed at helping young and disadvantaged people to reach their full potential, through the development of life skills and business enterprise. We look forward to building on this partnership and continuing to support the important work of SHS”


– Lynne Chambers, Group Head of Talent

Ultimately, this partnership is about promoting social mobility, and a shared commitment to ensure disadvantaged young people have the skills they need to lead secure adult lives.


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