Logos, life sciences and learning: An aspiration session with Instinctif Partners

Logos, life sciences and learning: An aspiration session with Instinctif Partners

News article from February 5, 2018

Two 10 year old girls draw logosOn a crisp Thursday morning in January, a group of children and parents from St Mary’s Primary School in Islington made the journey south on the number 4 bus to visit communications & marketing agency, Instinctif Partners, for an aspiration session.

A close up of a 10 year old girl drawing her logosThe children and parents were warmly welcomed to Instinctif’s lovely offices by Katharine and Ross, who spoke about the work that Instinctif does and discussed what the children wanted to do when they grow up. The group were then paid a visit by Harriet and Julius from the design team. They led an activity on logos – first explaining the theory behind some recognisable logos, then having the children draw them and seeing how fast they were able to guess what they were.

The group then designed their own personal logos, taking into account the career aspirations Julius and Harriet asked them to identify. Each one was carefully thought through and all the children clearly had a talent for logo design – perhaps they’ll be sitting in Julius and Harriet’s seats in the future!

An Instinctif employee pretends to interview two girls dressed as science experts in lab coatsAfter a short break, the children and parents were introduced to Sue and the Life Sciences team and taught how Instinctif brings science to life through communications. The team then helped the children do their own research before asking them to give a practice media interview on their subject in pairs. Even if science wasn’t already their favourite subject, spending half an hour with Sue and team (and having the opportunity to don lab coats!) turned all the children into passionate experts.

An Instinctif employee pretends to interview two 10 year old boys dressed as science experts in lab coatsLaura O’Connell, Managing Partner, then led the group on a tour of the offices. The children had the opportunity to meet people from different departments and get a feel for the atmosphere of the office and what it is like to work at Instinctif. The interactive tour even included building a computer from scratch in the IT department!

Overall, the children had an inspirational morning learning all about what it is like to work for Instinctif and the world of communications and marketing. Thank you to everyone at Instinctif Partners!

Instinctif employees teaches a group of children how to build a computer“The visit was so much fun for the children and parents. I was very impressed by how well prepared, how child friendly and fun this was. Also it was great to see how involved everyone was, and everyone was so friendly and open to talking to the children. In school everyone noticed how happy and energised the children were after we returned to school. I spoke to one mum this morning and she was still saying how great the visit was, and one of the children was so inspired by the visit that she said she dreamed of working there!” – Feedback from Mariola Reron, SHS Practitioner at St Mary’s

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