Job offers for everyone! An aspiration day with Instinctif

Job offers for everyone! An aspiration day with Instinctif

News article from February 13, 2017

A cold and rainy morning could not stop the excitement for children from Drayton Park Primary in Islington, as they stepped inside the tall glass doors at communications consultancy, Instinctif Partners. Welcomed into the office (“It’s massive!” gasped one child), the group of 9-10 years olds were there for an aspiration session; a day dedicated to learning about all the different roles in a city firm and how to access them. The children began by spending some time with volunteer Conor Ryan, Head of Production. With new knowledge of cameras, lenses, and lights, the children had the chance to make a short video and see their work on the big screen.

The group spent the rest of the morning moving around the different offices, speaking to Instinctif staff from departments such as PR, design and creative consultancy. Volunteers asked the children for their creative opinions on websites, branding and reputation management and, impressed with the colourful reports and posters, the children shared their stories on their own pop-up books from school and ideas for new images.

Ending the tour of the office with the HR team, the group all left with signed job offers letters customised with their new dream jobs. They didn’t want to leave after the fun and inspirational morning!

A big thank you to Fudge, Harriet and Lottie at Instinctif for organising the event, as well as to the countless other Instinctif employees who worked really hard in making it a very special day.

Here is what everyone said:

Chris, age 10: “I really want to work here when I grow up!”

Elisham, age 9: “I liked all of it!”


Evelyn, age 10: “I really, really, really like it here.”


Freddy, age 10: “”That was the best school trip ever!”


Susannah Horowitz, SHS Practitioner: “The trip went really well, and all the children had a great time. It was such a great chance for them to experience a professional working environment, and to meet people that worked in them. I thought it was refreshing for them to see lots of different people.”

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