It's all about the aspiration

It's all about the aspiration

News article from April 16, 2019

School-Home Support (SHS) teamed up QA and Nomura, supporting a group of teenage girls at one of our schools in east London. The opportunity to help young women think about their personal qualities and gain some new skills was positively received, and not just because the girls got to go off curriculum for a couple of hours! This was the first session in a pilot programme that will see volunteers from QA and Nomura support this group over the next few months.

Staff volunteered from QA and Nomura, running mock interviews with the girls, supporting them to fill in application forms and to think about how they position themselves in an interview scenario. The girls also got to learn about apprenticeships from QA staff and former apprentices.

QA, a leading training provider, told the group how apprenticeships provide the opportunity to work and learn simultaneously. The girls also heard first-hand from women who now work at Nomura and came through an apprenticeship route supported by QA.

“We enjoyed getting involved with the group session and helping young adults with their interview techniques and helping them understand what options are out there once they complete their GCSEs.” – Catrin Thomas, QA

“I found the experience rewarding and the girls were very engaged and honest. It was also nice to see how dedicated and hardworking the teachers were and it really showed that they cared about the students and their future. Hopefully, the programme can be rolled out further and more businesses can get involved and help to encourage education for London youth. “ – Sally Dallison, Nomura


Feedback from the girls was really positive! We’ll keep you posted on how the project develops.

“I will use this information because I want to do an apprenticeship”

“I want to stop being nervous, I will think back to what they told me today.”

“I will use this for the future and I’ll be more confident and relaxed for future interviews.”

“I liked being interviewed, I will change my preparation next time.”

“I learnt to be prepared for the adult world and always be prepared and have information about the company.”

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