IT skills for Mums with our corporate partner, Chaucer plc

IT skills for Mums with our corporate partner, Chaucer plc

News article from July 16, 2019

Although it was a wet and cold morning at Bangabhandu Primary School but we were at full capacity with a group of parents who were ready to learn some essential IT skills.  

We have been working in partnership with Chaucer to improve the educational outcomes for vulnerable children. Making sure children’s mums are ‘IT savvy’ is hugely beneficial for families.

Four staff from Chaucer dedicated a morning to help parents set up their own email address, create a household budget on Microsoft Excel, and learn how to search the internet – which included doing research on activities and trips they could do as a family over the summer holidays.  Chaucer’s Jodie Major (a woman with bags of teaching potential) had developed a series of exercises with varying degrees of complexity, meaning everyone attending could learn at their own pace.  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the morning at Bangabhandu Primary School. It was great to see the mum’s leaving the session with skills that they can apply at home or in their own time.”
– Cecilia Assmundson, Chaucer

The session was attended by Mums and was a huge boost to confidence and self-esteem.

“This was really good, I really enjoyed it and I was really excited about coming this morning. It was better than 10/10!”
– Ruby, Mum of two boys 

“The parents really enjoyed the session, they told me they had learnt new skills and benefited from new information.  It definitely helped them to feel more confident. A number of the mums who attended want me to organise an IT course for them in September.  Some of the parents had spoken to me with concerns around being unable to help or get involved with their children’s homework. I’m really happy they came along and saw the benefits of the help provided by Chaucer staff.”
– Marina Shaftoe, SHS Practitioner


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