Investment banking, bee hotels, and ‘The Spirit of Liberum’: An aspiration morning at Liberum Capital

Investment banking, bee hotels, and ‘The Spirit of Liberum’: An aspiration morning at Liberum Capital

News article from November 24, 2017

“I think it is great to come to a place like Liberum. It is really important to understand that these opportunities are open to everyone.”Parent


“We both want to work here when we are older. We can have our desks next to each other!” – Child

On a windy November morning, a group of children and parents from Pakeman Primary School travelled to the 12th floor of Ropemaker Place to visit Liberum Capital – a long-time partner of School-Home Support – for an aspiration session.

Upon stepping out the lift onto the 12th floor, the year 5 children were in awe of Liberum’s modern and hi-tech offices. It was the first time the children had ever visited an office building, let alone a prestigious City one, despite their Islington school being only one bus journey away.

The group was led through the offices to a meeting room, where they were introduced to Liberum Capital and the world of investment banking by Tony Scawthorn, Chief Operating Officer. The children and parents listened intently as Tony explained how Liberum had grown from a business with 4 employees working in a room no bigger than the meeting room we were in, to employing 180 staff today.

After being shown a model of The Spirit of Liberum, a plane named after Liberum by one of its clients, the children and parents heard inspiring stories from employees about how they came to work at the company. Listening to their journeys, the children came to understand that there is no substitute for hard work and ambition, and that opportunities at Liberum are there for everyone regardless of their background.

Next, the children and parents were led on a tour of the office, visiting each different part of Liberum’s business and learning about research, analysis and trading. At the end, the children were delighted to see the balcony, with its famous bee hotel and incredible views over London – the building is one of the most eco-friendly in London!

“My favourite part was seeing all the computer screens and all the technology that the analysts use to do their research.” – Child

Overall, the children and parents had a fantastic time – with the children planning a return visit for a job interview in about 10 years’ time!

Thank you to all at Liberum for hosting us.


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