Improving life chances in practice

Improving life chances in practice

News article from February 26, 2016

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As the half term break comes to end, it marks the start of the second half of the school year. A lot has already happened and there is a lot to look ahead to. Ministers across government departments have been making a number of speeches in the build up to the publication of their Life Chances strategy, which is expected over the summer. There have been positive signs that there will be a renewed focus on the role of parents, with more help to provide support to parents.

Tracy Townrow, the current SHS Practitioner of the Year, has written an article in the Guardian, providing advice to schools on how to develop effective relationships with parents. We hope you find it interesting and useful.

The Centre for Social Justice last week published an inquiry into housing provision Home Improvements, which included a range of evidence provided by School-Home Support. You can take a look at our blog on the link between housing and education here.

In case you missed it, last week also saw the Duchess of Cambridge take over Huffington Post for a day to bring a greater focus on children’s mental health. Jan Tallis, our Chief Exec blogged on Huffington Post about how our early intervention work can help prevent mental health issues developing.

Jan also appeared on the Community Channel, talking about her #brilliantmoment working for SHS. Watch the clip below.

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