‘I don’t believe in fate, life is what you make it’ - Dizzee Rascal: BlackRock employees use their talents to inspire young people

News article from May 6, 2016

The young carers group from Lister Secondary School spent a morning with Tzuki, Lauren and Mik from investment management company BlackRock, and it was clear from the outset how carefully the volunteers had prepared to make sure this would be a memorable visit. The table was laid with gifts from BlackRock, such as beautifully designed booklets that were personalised for each young person and filled with inspirational quotes.

The morning started with an ice-breaker game, which was a great way to ensure that every person in the group had an opportunity to speak. Questions ranged from their favourite singers and animals, to what they would change in the world. Excellent answers were given ranging from Rihanna and snow leopards, to having more wheelchair access.

Children sit at a long wooden table at BlackRockThe first presentation was an insight into asset management – it turns out that if you invest 5p with BlackRock you can end up with 10p! The group were keen to find out more about how they could make their own pocket money grow in value. Mik then showed his stunning graphic designs and how he uses his creativity in his day-to-day work. It was helpful to get across the message that there are many different roles and opportunities at BlackRock – no matter what you’re good at, you can find a way to use those skills.


“I had a great time at BlackRock, I have learnt a lot about business and Asset Management.” 


“I would like to get a job like Mik’s. It was interesting the way he uses art and design for water bottles, key cases, displays and websites.”

Next, Lauren shared a typical day at work, deploying the use of cat memes very effectively to engage the group. Throughout her talk she shared lots of wisdom that really resonated with everyone. Tzuki then spoke to the group about her personal journey into employment and how important it is to take up the different opportunities that come your way.

During the tour of the office, several of the young people were reflecting on what they wanted to do and how to start making the most of opportunities now. One girl, aged 13, explained that she hadn’t really thought about her future career but this had been very eye-opening for her and that she realised she wasn’t too young to think about it. Another explained that she had thought she couldn’t study law because she wasn’t great at maths, but she had been inspired to keep going and do extra courses if she needed to. The group really enjoyed visiting the desks and getting a better understanding of what it is actually like working in a corporate environment.

“This session was awesome for me,  it has inspired me to work very hard  and achieve my goals, I liked what Lauren said “Luck is what happens, when preparation meets opportunity.” 


“What Tzuki said ‘It’s never too early to to start thinking about what you want to do’ makes sense because with good grades you have more opportunities!” 


“I would love to work in BlackRock one day and tell other youngsters my story.”


Blackrock staff and children gather together

To end the visit, the group were treated to a delicious pizza lunch from Franco Manca, where Raj and Louic joined to offer their perspectives on the world of work. It was a perfect ending to the morning. On the journey home, the group were buzzing with ideas and memories from the morning. Marilyn, the SHS Practitioner, said that the volunteers “did an amazing job and made a big impression on the young people.”

Thank you so much to the volunteers at BlackRock for giving up your time and using your talents to inspire young people!

“I think this was the best day ever because I got to find out lots about Blackrock.”


“My time at BlackRock was amazing, the employees were kind and the building was massive.”


School-Home Support practitioners offer a combination of specialist support and emotional and practical advice to vulnerable children and young people, working with them and their families to help overcome the barriers that get in the way of their learning. They establish trusting relationships to help resolve the complex issues which can lead to poor school attendance, bad behaviour and low attainment.

We are very grateful to BlackRock for supporting us to train our practitioners, ensuring that they are able to provide the best possible help to these families.


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