Good news on GCSE Results Day!

Good news on GCSE Results Day!

News article from September 1, 2021

GCSE Results Day 2021 brought much good news across the schools that School-Home Support work with. Despite the challenges and disruption of the pandemic, the students we have worked with have demonstrated their resilience and determination, supported by the vital work of our Practitioners.

This year’s fantastic results reflect the joint effort from both students and Practitioners and we wanted to highlight two practitioners whose students have achieved some truly amazing results.

Jefferson, who works at St Catherine’s College in East Sussex as a School-Home Support Practitioner, supported six of his students to secure grades in their core subjects (Maths, English and Science), which included two 9s, three 8s and five 7s. Another subject in which Jefferson’s students achieved outstanding results was Engineering. Despite some of the courses having to be completed remotely due to Covid-19, two students both achieved an IMI Level 2 Merit Diploma in Service and Maintenance Engineering. This is a fantastic achievement by the students and will ensure they have the best possible chance to succeed in their professional careers.

Jefferson’s hard work throughout the year ensured that as many face to face sessions as possible could be conducted, including assessment coaching, and providing support out of school when needed. This support was key to the students’ success. Jefferson will now be providing transition support for these young adults, as they move into their Post 16 placements to ensure they have the best chance of success in their adult lives. 

Another outstanding set of results came from Kayleigh, a School-Home Support Practitioner based in Blackpool. Kayleigh had been working with this student since 2019 and has provided support to him and his family. This student struggled with anxiety and when he was put in certain situations he would become abusive and aggressive both at school and at home. Kayleigh often visited his mum after one of his rages and she would be scared and at a loss as to what to do. 

Kayleigh decided to move the student into alternative provision, with only 4 other students in his class. This turned out to be a huge success as he became a model student with 100% attendance.

At first, the student refused to sit his GCSEs as he wanted to do functional skills. However, after working with Kayleigh, he decided to sit them and managed to achieve 5 GCSE’s! This is an amazing achievement for a student who has been out of mainstream education for 2 and a half years and highlights the invaluable work School-Home Support Practitioners do.

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