Five ways to improve your school's community cohesion

Five ways to improve your school's community cohesion

News article from November 1, 2016

Rushnara Khatun, School-Home Support (SHS) Practitioner, worked in a school experiencing gang culture and poor community cohesion. Her tips:

1. Invite parents to come in for a coffee individually, and really listen to what they have to say.

2. Encourage parents to collaborate with the school in organising a party from their culture, e.g. a Christmas or Eid celebration.

3. Identify activities that parents would like to do at the school. Rushnara started a weekly art class, which allowed parents from different cultures to mix socially for the first time.

4. Encourage parents to start a PTA, so that they feel engaged with the school and responsible for what happens there.

5. Host an international night and invite families to bring things from their culture. Food is a great tool for bringing people together!


Watch this video for more detail about what Rushnara did.


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